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1000 Playwright Interviews The first interview I posted was on June 3, 2009.  It was Jimmy Comtois.  I decided I would start interview...

Jul 31, 2007


My plays Nerve and Food For Fish were just published.  They are not yet on amazon but should be soon.  In the
meantime, you can find them at the links below.



and also available Deflowering Waldo:


Susan Gets Some Play--get your tickets now.

 Susan Gets Some Play in this summer's NYC Fringe Festival Presented by Stage Fright Productions Writer: Adam Szymkowicz Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel Starring: Jorge Cordova, Kevin R. Free, Susan Louise O'Connor, Danny Deferrari & Travis York.

Susan and her best friend Jay try to find Susan a boyfriend by holding auditions for an imaginary production in hopes of finding Mr. Right. Or at least a date. Or even just a freakin' kiss.

SAT 8/18 @ NOON- 1:20
SUN 8/19 @ 9:15-10:35
THUR 8/23 @ 4:45 – 6:05
FRI 8/24 @ 9-10:20
SUN 8/26 @ 1:45 – 3:05

Jul 30, 2007


"Zubaydah was stabilized at the nearest hospital, and the F.B.I. continued its questioning using its typical rapport-building techniques. An agent showed him photographs of suspected al-Qaeda members until Zubaydah finally spoke up, blurting out that "Moktar," or Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, had planned 9/11. He then proceeded to lay out the details of the plot. America learned the truth of how 9/11 was organized because a detainee had come to trust his captors after they treated him humanely.

It was an extraordinary success story. But it was one that would evaporate with the arrival of the C.I.A's interrogation team. At the direction of an accompanying psychologist, the team planned to conduct a psychic demolition in which they'd get Zubaydah to reveal everything by severing his sense of personality and scaring him almost to death."

wiki wiki

this will be a good show and a lot of fun.  Lots of supertalented people involved and mine includes 7 actual interns.  (My topic was Bill Clinton)  Please come if you can.  It starts on the 2nd and only goes to the 6th.

more on contest fees


read this--I didn't write it


We have the best opportunity we've ever had to get this country off of polluting energy like oil and coal and onto real clean alternatives. This will not only help curb the climate crisis, but save consumers money and create new jobs. Seems like a slam dunk, right?

But some in Congress are still willing to do the bidding of the oil and coal industry and vote down bills that would undercut their stranglehold on our economy. We need to tell Congress now to do what's right for the American people, not continue business-as-usual.

I signed a petition urging Congress to vote for to give solar and wind the support they need to assure a clean energy future. Can you join me at the link below?



look at this again. seriously


Jul 28, 2007

monologue from the opening of a new play

I have a face like a bowl of worms.  Squirming around the ticks, the scars, the moles.  It's disgusting.  A face like this.  It's absurd, without meaning or purpose. And I honestly can't say if I'm an experiment gone awry or if I was just born this way.  I have no origin.  I have no memory.  I can only remember you.  The way you looked at me, the first time you saw me, it was like you saw the bowl underneath the worms.  It was like--  Your face was like a china plate.  Perfect.  Whole.  Pristine.  And you looked at me, the way you looked at me—

The patient had died.  That much I remember.  His wife was wailing but I couldn't hear her.  Because you were there and everything else melted away.  "Let's have a drink," you said with your face like a plate.  And we drank and we drank and we went to your place and we made love like normal people.  And it continued that way for days, weeks, years.  I can't say for sure.

I'm not sure I can pinpoint the second, the moment you grew tired of me.  I can't pinpoint the moment I became what I am.  Your body was like liquor and I couldn't get enough of it, couldn't spend a night without you.  I didn't know you weren't drunk on me.  I didn't see the signs.  I should have seen--  How could I have missed the diagnosis?  How could I have avoided the bald shock, the morning discovery, to wake up and find your note.

And now I can't remember anything except you. You will pay.  Everyone will pay.  You will all pay dearly.

after the fact

photos of the cast from LA Pretty Theft reading

Jul 27, 2007

from Patrick

"Once you're a writer and have lots of writer friends, you know there are scads of talented people out there with great manuscripts that will never be widely read. The bullshit story told to beginning writers--if you write something great, it'll get published/produced/staged--is a fiction designed to keep the pipeline producing more work for the producers and publishers to choose from."

99 cent Sundays at soho rep!!!

Tickets to all Sunday Mainstage performances are 99¢
Available online or at the box office.

Some of my favorite shows in the past few years have been at Soho Rep.

Like these shows for example:

Take advantage of this amazing deal. And while you're there, take in some adjmi or two headed calf (both of which I reccomed highly) and the writer director lab always has some great stuff too. And Jenny Schwartz is the bomb!

Next year in New York theater is looking pretty great what with Playwrights Horizons and Second Stage. Anyone have a season roundup? What else is going on next year?
Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die
h/t Enrique

Jul 26, 2007


from Hal's blog

"When annie kaufmann won her obie this year, she thanked len jenkins, paula vogel and mac wellman for spawning a great new generation of playwrights. I concur. And now theaters are seeking out these new voices. Expect to see more works by sarah ruhl, will eno, ann washburn, sheila callaghan at the regional theater

It makes me curious - how will these writers adapt to the larger than downtown spaces? And the older more experienced and larger budgeted theaters: how will they adapt. "

politics and quotes

"You have to give Republicans points for consistency. They bring the Senate to a halt and then blame Democrats for not getting anything done. They destroy FEMA's ability to respond to natural disasters and then hold it up as an example of why you can't trust government to do anything right. They lose a war via unparalleled military incompetence and then claim that liberals are defeatists for pointing it out. They spend 20 years claiming that Social Security is going bankrupt and then use the resulting public insecurity about Social Security as an explanation for why the whole system needs to be privatized."

Jul 25, 2007

this photographer is fantastic!


Wikipedia Plays Soon

cool visual from the folks at Ars Nova

visual dramaturgy

http://www.benjaminjames.com/uploads/neighborhoods/1411987.jpg http://www.trevorlittle.com/media/washsquarepark.jpg http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/united-states/new-york/new-york-city-fire-escapes.jpg http://www.indospectrum.com/10dimages/nyc2/cd031_02may04_nyc_subway.jpg

I was really down yesterday.  I was like this is pointless.  What am i doing with my life, how can I keep doing this, why am I so poor, why do I deal with this uncomfortably crowded long commute each day?  Why am I still writing if I'm not getting anywhere?  Do i even know how to write a screenplay?  Is it a waste of my time?  How will i afford a wedding?  Will i ever be taken seriously as a playwright by the larger theatres?
But today I am much more optimistic and i don't feel that way at all.  I like what i wrote this morning.  I think my fringe play will go well.  I got some other stuff coming up.  I can do this.   Good thing I didn't blog about this yesterday, huh?  then you would know I have doubts about the sustainability of my life and writing career.
But we dodged that bullet.

Jul 24, 2007

I read Harry Potter and I have to say I'm really sad to see the series done.  Almost sad enough that I am thinking of starting over from the first book and reading the whole series again.


"President Bush has threatened to veto what he sees as a huge expansion of the children's health care program, which he describes as a step "down the path to government-run health care for every American." The House measure calls for changes that the administration will probably find even more distasteful, including cuts in Medicare payments to private health plans. "
Government-run health care for every American sounds pretty great actually.  Isn't that what most Americans want?

times article

"Some lawyers say Colonel Abraham's account — of a hearing procedure that he described as deeply flawed and largely a tool for commanders to rubber-stamp decisions they had already made — may have played an important role in the justices' highly unusual reversal. That decision once again brought the administration face to face with the vexing legal, political and diplomatic questions about the fate of Guantánamo and the roughly 360 men still held there. "

Jul 21, 2007

Susan Gets Some Play--get your tickets now.

 Susan Gets Some Play in this summer's NYC Fringe Festival Presented by Stage Fright Productions Writer: Adam Szymkowicz Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel Starring: Jorge Cordova, Kevin R. Free, Susan Louise O'Connor, Danny Deferrari & Travis York. Susan and her best friend Jay try to find Susan a boyfriend by holding auditions for an imaginary production in hopes of finding Mr. Right. Or at least a date. Or even just a freakin' kiss.

VENUE: The New School for Drama Theater at 151 Bank Street between West and Washington Streets in the West Village (around the corner from the Jane Street Theater, which is another Fringe venue). 

SAT 8/18 @ NOON- 1:20
SUN 8/19 @ 9:15-10:35
THUR 8/23 @ 4:45 – 6:05
FRI 8/24 @ 9-10:20
SUN 8/26 @ 1:45 – 3:05


Jul 19, 2007

Bush doesn't want poor children to have health insurance


oh, you

Do not ignore me please, I found your email somewhere (you don't need to know where) and now decided to write you. Let me know if you do not mind. If you want I can send you some pictures of me.
I am a nice pretty girl. I am coming to your town soon.  Can we meet up and maybe have ice cream?  I like pistachio.  Don't reply to this email. It is not my email but someone elses. Don't ask why I am using someone else's email. Email me direclty at Jimmycomtois@comtoisxxx.org

Jul 18, 2007

Thanks for the tunes, Dup!!

high school mix from Dup

cast and director from reading of Searching last night in LA

Back row: Terry Tocantins (President) Middle row: Inger Tudor (stage directions), Trevor Olsen (Hank), Rebecca Larsen (Sarah), Rich Pierrelouis (Jones) Front: Troy Blendell (Cheney/Barbara)

Gotta love that Theatre of Note!

Susan Gets Some Play in the Fringe


Lit Dept

Brilliant post by Malachy about the program he and i were in together among other things. A quote: "It's an openness that lead to more interesting conversation about the work and what it was than we currently get from the critics in most of the press where an aesthetic opinion is being pushed."

ars nova show


Jul 17, 2007

on genius

even more from patrick very interesting. my thought now is that one woman's genius is another woman's fool. i could name some people i think are geniuses. but would we all agree? maybe in hindsight. who is a genius alive right now? anyone?

link to a link

cool post here. artists take note.


Dear Friend,

I am the prince of a country you have never heard of.
I am very rich but I have some problem involving
politics I won't go into and you won't understand
because you are American and very gullible (and

Please send me your social security number. We are
looking for someone in America to give a lot of money
to. It is not illegal but we are not in America and
for some reason need to be for some reason.

Hurry. The fate of my country hangs in the balance.
I need to send you lots of money. What is your bank
account number?


Please Hurry,

Ruler of Small But Rich Country

P.S. you like to purchase also some Viagra? or penny
stocks? they are going up. Just like the last one I
told you about.

Park yourself in front of a world of choices in alternative vehicles. Visit the Yahoo! Auto Green Center. http://autos.yahoo.com/green_center/

from last night

I had two readings in LA last night--two more tonight, see below--and these are the two casts from the readings of Herbie and Anne.

Back row: Rich Pierrelouis, Monroe Makowsky, Bill Robens, Darrett Sanders
Front row: Kelsey Wedeen, Gina Garcia Sharp, Lisa Clifton, Pat McGowan

Back row: Lauren Letherer, Mandi Moss, Rebecca Larsen
Front row: Ron Morehouse, Steven Biggs

Jul 16, 2007

me at my desk

Ken Levine on Young Frankenstein

"Unless Barbra Streisand is playing Frau Blucher and the kids from SPRING AWAKENING appear and have real sex with YOU on stage, $450 seems excessive."

and tonight and tomorrow in LA


reading in Chicago


Reading in Columbus, OH

Reading in Columbus, OH


starting aug 3

What is "The Defenestration of Prague"? And how is it
seventeen steps removed from "Castration Anxiety"?
Wikipedia knows. In this brave new world of instant
gratification where the internet can live in your
pocket, one group of writers has created a
mini-marathon of short plays that surf the wikipedia
wave through seventeen related entries.

Written by Ars Nova's 2006-2007 Play Group Writers:
Mike Batistick, Evan Cabnet, Ron Fitzgerald, Liz
Flahive, Sam Forman, Etan Frankel, Kyle Jarrow, Nick
Jones, Barry Levey, Carly Mensch, Elizabeth
Meriwether, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachel Shukert, Mat
Smart, Aurin Squire, Adam Szymkowicz and Beau Willimon

Directed by: Evan Cabnet, Michael Goldfried, Maria
Goyanes, Meredith McDonough, Shira Milikowsky and
Moritz Von Stuelpnagel

Jul 11, 2007

charging theaters to read plays

This From Mark Harvey Levine. My version in the post
below this one.

Dear Theatre:

Attached please find my submission to your festival.
As you may or may not know, I charge $15 for
the opportunity to consider my plays for production.
I understand you charge $10 to submit for your
festival, which means if you would like to read my
play, you will owe me five dollars whether or not
you choose it.

Thanks so much.

P.S. Reading this cover letter just cost you $1.75.

Open Letter to Theater Companies Who Charge Fees

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your invitation to send my script for
you to read and consider for production.
Unfortunately, I see you charge a submission fee. I
don't send scripts to theatres who charge fees. In
fact I have begun charging fees myself. You see
administrative costs being what they are, I can no
longer afford to continue to let people read my plays
for free.

Not only are things like paper and staples and
internet access expensive but the rising cost of
health care and my insane student loans from
playwriting school have made it impossible for me to
continue to offer my literature for free. I assure
you, however, that my work is of the highest quality.

I will be charging 20 dollars per page. Please let
me know what play(s) you would like to read and send
along your payment to the above address. (I also take
paypal) I will respond in a day or two with the
requested pages. If you find this is a play you want
to produce, (and I know you will) please contact me
for rights and I will consider if you are a producing
organization I wish to be associated with.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you.

Yours in solidarity and in the theatrical community,

Adam Szymkowicz

Jul 10, 2007

my 3 plays

now available from DPS




in LA

Theatre of NOTE announces its annual 2 week Play Reading Series NOTEwood 35 new plays in 9 evenings. Open to the public.

New works by Taylor Negron, Emmy/Obie winner Rosalyn Drexler, Coleman Hough (Steven Soderberg's BUBBLE and FULL FRONTAL), Jason Grote, Ken Urban, Jacqueline Wright, Adam Szymkowicz, Ron Allen, Joshua Fardon, Bryn Manion, Tommy Smith, Pat McGowan, Barbara Wiechmann, Katherine Murphy, B. Walker Sampson, Erik Patterson, Caridad Svich, Aaron Henne, Jon Tuttle, Tom Sime, Henry Ong, Boo Killebrew, Terry Tocantins, Carson Kreitzer and Tom Beyer will be represented.

NOTEwood occurs once a year at Theatre of NOTE and is the touchstone used by the company in picking its season. This reading series will be the basis for the theatre's 2008 season. All readings are curated and feature actors from Theatre of NOTE. The public is invited to attend free of charge. WHERE : 1517 N. Cahuenga (just north of Sunset/next to Chan Darae) - Hollywood, CA 90028 ADMISSION : FREE OF CHARGE!

PARKING INFO : Validated parking at Arclight Cinemas ($3.00 all evening) The Plays : THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY - READ IT by Joshua Fardon, 1001 by Jason Grote, THE OTHER STORIES by Coleman Hough, EYE MOUTH GRAFFITI BODYSHOP & 20 PLAYS IN 20 MINUTES by Ron Allen, GLANCING AT THE WAR & DIAGNOSIS by Coleman Hough, FORCE : WANDERLUST by Bryn Manion, WHITE HOT by Tommy Smith, 2 HUSBANDS by Ken Urban, FILM by Patrick McGowan, HOLY MOTHER OF HADLEY, NEW YORK by Barbara Wiechmann, KING LEAR IN 90 MINUTES FOR SIX PLAYERS by Tom Beyer, HERBIE - POET OF THE WILD WEST by Adam Szymkowicz, ANNE by Adam Szymkowicz, DRUG OF CHOICE by Katherine Murphy, PRETTY THEFT by Adam Szymkowicz, SILENT STEPS - A PLAY WITH McGUFFINS by B. Walker Sampson, SEARCHING by Adam Szymkowicz, HE ASKED FOR IT by Erik Patterson, STEAL BACK THE LIGHT FROM THE VIRTUAL by Caridad Svich, CURRENT by Aaron Henne, FREAKSHOW by Carson Kreitzer, LUNA by Jason Grote, THIS STORM IS WHAT WE CALL PROGRESS by Jason Grote, HOLY GHOST by Jon Tuttle, YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE by Roslyn Drexler, BLOODLETTERS by Tom Sime, OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD by Rosalyn Drexler, SWEET KARMA by Henry Ong, AIR CONDITIONING by Tommy Smith, TRULE LOVE WAITS by Boo Killebrew, THEY'RE JUST LIKE US by Boo Killebrew, FORCE : CONVERGENCE by Bryn Manion, FEED THE MONSTER by Terry Tocantins, UNTITLED JACQUELINE WRIGHT PROJECT by Jacqueline Wright and LE CANARD GRIS (YOGA BITCH) by Taylor Negron.

FRIDAY, JULY 13 10:30PM: THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY - READ IT by Joshua Fardon/curated & directed by Kiff Scholl

SATURDAY, JULY 14 12PM: 1001 by Jason Grote/curated by Hiwa Bourne & Lisa Liang/directed by Stephen Carver 2PM: THE OTHER STORIES by Coleman Hough/curated by Ron Morehouse/directed by Coleman Hough 4PM: EYE MOUTH GRAFFITI BODYSHOP & TWENTY PLAYS IN TWENTY MINUTES by Ron Allen/curated by Justin Alston/directed by Jemal McNeil 5PM: GLANCING AT THE WAR & DIAGNOSIS by Coleman Hough/curated by Hiwa Bourne/GLANCING- directed by Guy Zimmerman & DIAGNOSIS-directed by Coleman Hough

SUNDAY, JULY 15 12Noon: FORCE: WANDERLUST by Bryn Manion/curated & directed by Lauren Letherer 2PM: WHITE HOT by Tommy Smith/curated & directed by Ron Morehouse 4PM: 2 HUSBANDS by Ken Urban/curated & directed by Karen Martinson 6PM: FILM by Pat McGowan/curated & directed by Pat McGowan 8PM: HOLY MOTHER OF HADLEY NEW YORK by Barbara Wiechmann/curated & directed by Julia Prud�垍omme 10PM: KING LEAR IN 90 MINUTES FOR SIX PLAYERS by Tom Beyer /curated by Julia Prud�垍omme/directed Tom Beyer

MONDAY, JULY 16 5PM: HERBIE POET OF THE WILD WEST by Adam Szymkowicz/curated & directed by Lisa Clifton 7PM: ANNE by Adam Szymkowicz/curated & directed by Rebecca Larsen 9PM: DRUG OF CHOICE by Katherine Murphy /curated & directed by Lisa Clifton

TUESDAY, JULY 17 5PM: PRETTY THEFT by Adam Szymkowicz/curated & directed by Rebecca Larsen 7PM: SILENT STEPS, A PLAY WITH MACGUFFINS by B.Walker Sampson/curated & directed by Lisa Clifton 9PM: SEARCHING by Adam Szymkowicz /curated & directed by Terry Tocantins

WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 5PM: HE ASKED FOR IT by Erik Patterson/curated and directed by David Bickford 7PM: STEAL BACK LIGHT FROM THE VIRTUAL by Caridad Svich/curated & directed by Stephen Carver 9PM: CURRENT by Aaron Henne/curated & directed by Mark McClain Wilson

SATURDAY, JULY 21 11AM: FREAKSHOW by Carson Kreitzer/curated by Blaire Chandler/directed by David Wilcox 12:30PM: LUNA by Jason Grote/curated/ directed by Scott McKinley 12:35PM: THIS STORM IS WHAT WE CALL PROGRESS by Jason Grote/curated & directed by Lisa Liang 2:30PM: HOLY GHOST by Jon Tuttle/curated/ directed by Phil Ward 4:30PM: YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE by Rosalyn Drexler/curated & directed by David Conner

SUNDAY, JULY 22 10AM: BLOODLETTERS by Tom Sime/curated & directed by Lynn Odell 12NOON: OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD by Rosalyn Drexler/curated & directed by Rebecca Larsen 2PM: SWEET KARMA by Henry Ong/curated by Hiwa Bourne/directed by Terry Tocantins 4PM: AIR CONDITIONING by Tommy Smith/curated & directed by Inger Tudor 6:PM: TRUE LOVE WAITS by Boo Killebrew/curated & directed by Michelle Hilyard 6:15PM: THEY'RE JUST LIKE US by Boo Killebrew/curated & directed by Lisa Clifton 8:15PM: FORCE: CONVERGENCE by Bryn Manion/curated & directed by Lauren Letherer 10:15PM: FEED THE MONSTER by Terry Tocantins curated & directed by Terry Tocantins

MONDAY, JULY 23 7PM- MANTIS AND DEATH COLLECTIONS by Jacqueline Wright/curated & directed by Jacqueline Wright 9PM: LE CANARD GRIS (YOGA BITCH) by Taylor Negron /curated & directed by Kiff Scholl

still in MA

So I got my ten pages for clubbed thumb application, wrote a couple thousand more words for the novel that will be finished one day, and I revised Susan Gets Some Play (this year's fringe, baby!) and I finally got the screenplay outline to a place I can live with and now I'm writing the damn thing. It won't write itself, sadly. But, I'll do my best to finish it as soon as humanly possible.

quote of the day

"Let's be clear about blogging: It is a way for those
of us with computers to elegantly express our

Matthew Freeman


Jul 9, 2007

discounts for Sam and Betty at NYTW

New York Theatre Workshop
the New York Premiere of a new play
written by Betty Shamieh, directed by Sam Gold.

Tickets for all performances July 17 – August 19 are
just $35 each (reg. $50).

Use code BEBLG28 when ordering.

To purchase tickets, call TeleCharge at (212) 947-8844
or visit

New York Theatre Workshop also offers both Student
Tickets and CheapTix Sundays.

CheapTix Sundays: All tickets for all Sunday evening
performances at 7pm are just $20 each! Tickets are
available in advance but must be purchased at the NYTW
box office on a cash-only basis.

Student Tickets: Full-time students with a valid
student ID may purchase $20 tickets for all
performances (subject to availability). Limit one
ticket per ID. Tickets must be purchased in person and
require an ID at the box office.

The NYTW box office is located at 79 East 4th Street
(between Second Avenue and Bowery) and is open Tuesday
- Saturday from 1pm - 6pm.

great post--excerpt below




We are faced with utterly shameless men. Cheney and
the rest are looking our representatives right in the
eye and saying "You don't have the balls to take down
a government. You don't have the sheer testicular
fortitude to call us lying sonuvabitches when we lie,
to stop us from kicking the rule of law and the
Constitution in the ass. You just don't. What's beyond
that abyss -- what that would do to our government and
our identity as a nation -- terrifies you too much. So
get the fuck out of our way."

And to a great degree, the White House is right. You
peel this back, and you reveal that the greatest
country in the world has been run, for the last six
and a half years, by men who do not give a shit about
the Constitution, or fair play, or honesty. No, not
just run by corrupt men, or bribe-takers, or
adulterers or whatever, we could handle that --no we'd
be admitting It Went Wrong.

There is a sizeable population in America that just
does not, cannot wrap their head around the fact that
the President may be a Bad Man who does Bad Things.
He's President of America. We're Americans. We're the
good guys. Remember, the Nixon mythos in America is
that the system worked. "See, in America, even the
President is not above the law."

Jul 7, 2007

retreat in MA

I've been outlining a screenplay all week. i was
hoping to have it done monday but it stretches on and
on as i reject previous plot points and search for
missing plot points. I'm getting to know the
characters and gradually the story is coming into
focus but I'm so impatient to start writing it I can't
stand it. Maybe by the end of the day I'll be close
enough to just start banging it out.

Frustrating. Still a couple important things missing.
And i clarify one character and then my main
character is all of a sudden getting lost. arrgh.
I'll get there.

Jul 6, 2007

cut from Susan gets some play

And another thing, where is the love for the funny
girls. It's like all the movie stars are so bland
these days. It's like society tells girls not to be
funny, but to just be pretty and boring so then they
can be like the pretty and boring girls in films with
no personality who are just waiting for the guy to
come along and like carry them away. I say bring back
the personality.

hal brooks


this sunday

You're Invited:

Sunday, July 8, 6pm
A community gathering in support of
AEA Showcase Reform

Classic Stage Company
136 E. 13th Street (between 3rd/4th avenues)

JOIN the conversation and help build a stronger, more
united Off-Off
community... come and be counted!

STOP BY for 5 minutes or an hour
LEARN about the ART/NY White Paper on AEA Showcase
MEET Off-Off-Broadway organizations united in support
of code reform
SIGN the simple petition (if you haven't yet done so

SHOW that the broad and diverse membership of the Off
Off Broadway
community -- actors, producers, directors, designers,
YOU --
welcomes a new approach to code reform, one that
sidesteps the
culture of complaint to articulate points of mutual
benefit for
actors and producers.
An Off-Off-Broadway that gains the flexibility to
operate at its
full potential will be the foundation of a theater
community at
large that is artistically and economically healthy.
Join us!

Learn more at www.nyc99.org.
See you at the gathering!

Coalition for Code Reform

Jul 4, 2007

Stalker in Ray Bans

You will find me
In the Garden
Shooting hoops
Between Smith and Court

You will see me at the Y
You will notice me on the street
I always nod politely
You always look at your feet

It'll be raining
And you're hanging around the first floor
Getting wet and smoking
And looking at my door

Stalker, I know it's cold out
Stalker, I know I sold out
Stalker, I won't change my routine
Stalker, I hope you know what that means

You will find me
In the Garden
Shooting hoops
Between Smith and Court

You will see me on the corner
You will notice me on the stoop
Reading DC comics
And eating stale fruit loops

It'll be snowing
But you're going to go out there in a hat
Breathing steam and freezing
And looking at my cat

Stalker, I know I'm not cool
Stalker, I went to public school
Stalker, you can't be here for me
Stalker, I appreciate the company

You will find me
In the Garden
Shooting hoops
Between Smith and Court

"War Criminal Commutes Sentence of Convicted Perjurer at Behest of Traitor"


h/t Ian


and Floyd makes a triumphant return?

a ..um Fourth of July play over at Blog Of Floyd


Jul 3, 2007


trying to get some work done out in the woods of MA.
No cell phone reception but the wifi is plentiful and

Exciting thing happened on sunday. I'll tell you

in the meantime, go here and pretend you read my book.