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Dec 28, 2019

Year In Review


So since 2007, I've been doing a version of these posts.  So that whole 10 year thing, end of a decade look where I am now is possible, in a way.

In 2009, I was 2 years out of Juilliard, living in Minneapolis for half a year for my wife's Jerome and  then wrote for 5 months for a tv show in Atlanta.  I had 8 productions of my plays and wrote 5 episodes of that TV show that year and 2 plays.  I think I had 5 plays published total at that time.  That was the year Hearts Like Fists went up at Juilliard and Pretty Theft went up in New York with Flux.

Today I have 14 plays published.  I have not written any more tv since '09.

I wrote 2 1/2 plays this year, and half a screenplay.  I reached a milestone this year.  I wrote my 50th play.  (I started counting maybe 23 years ago and I count anything over 45 minutes.  So some of these are not long plays.  Some of these are not good plays.  Still that's a lot of plays to write.)

This year was by far the most full length productions I've ever had at 47.  Up 16 from last year, although it should be said a lot of these productions were at schools.  (In other words, fewer performances than small theaters doing a three week run, for example.)

Of these 47 productions, 6 came about through some previous relationship or production.  There were 10 productions of Kodachrome, 1 Incendiary, 7 Marian, 8 Clown Bar, 6 Hearts Like Fists, 5 Rare Birds, 4 Nerve, 3 Adventures of Super Margaret, 1 The Wooden Heart, 1 Stockholm Syndrome (Premiere!), 1 Pretty Theft.

2 were middle school productions.  15 of these were high school productions.  10 were college productions.  2 were at theater schools.

Thee was a premiere of Stockholm Syndrome with The NOLA Project and a first production of The Wooden Heart at Acadiana Repertory Theater in Lafayette.

There were also 10 productions of my night of one acts, 7 Ways to Say I Love You.

I think it's worth saying that my monologues are being done a lot these days at auditions.  I sell a lot more books than I used to because my monologues are out there in a way they weren't say 3 or 4 years ago.  Mostly, I think people find them online in the various places I have put them.  There are kind of a lot of videos of people doing my monologues posted online.

This year I traveled to New Orleans, LA; Nashville, TN; Elon, NC; Las Vegas, NV; Lafayette, LA; Charlottesville, VA, and various places in CT.

I continue to work as Literary Manager at The Juilliard School, supporting the playwriting program there.

There are 18 or 19 planned productions so far in 2020 including the premiere of Clown Bar 2 in Vegas in May.  There will be 3 school productions of The Book Store, all from NPX inquiries.  I think 2 plays will be done in Turkey soon, in Turkish.  I also have a commission to write in the new year and probably another next year.

Kodachrome and Mercy were published by Samuel French this year.

I am interviewing again, slowly.  49 interviews this year.

I sent out submissions to 220 places.

That's it.  Another year wrapped up.  May all good things come to you.  Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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Patrick Gabridge said...

Great year! Always glad to read these. Thanks for sharing!

Juliana Kho said...
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