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Dec 30, 2021

My 2021 Year In Review

Hi Everybody!  Here is our Christmas Card.

Hope you're well.  We are still pandemic-ing.  Although our son is back at in person school and that is a relief.  I have also been back in person (as much as I ever was) at my day job which means 2 days a week in New York.  And working from my shed-office the rest of the time.

I had a breakthrough case of covid a few months back after being fully vaxxed and was mostly just really tired for a couple of days.  Luckily, I managed to not pass it on to my family somehow.  (Masked and living in the basement)

Writingwise, I finished writing my second YA novel, and wrote half of a Middle Grade novel, wrote 60 one-minute monologues, finished a forty-minute play called 100 Things I Never Told You that I'd started at the beginning of the pandemic, wrote a 20-minute film for some Juilliard students and wrote one full length play.

When I look at that, it's actually a lot of writing, even if I feel like I didn't do all that much.

I did only 10 interviews this year, partially because I think people just aren't into being interviewed right now and partially because it was hard for me.

I read a lot of books this year and quite a few plays but I didn't count them so I don't know how many.

One milestone I hit this year was having a play done 100 times -- a one act that was published in 2015 had its one hundredth production this year.  

Also up until this year, the most productions I've had from a full length has been 11 in a single year.  Kodachrome had 14 this year which is kind of amazing during a pandemic.  Most of them are at schools who are still doing work right now.

I had 32 productions this year, not as many as 47 in '19 but more than last year's 20.

These 32 were-- 2 of The Parking Lot, 1 of The Book Store, 1 The Wooden Heart, 14 Kodachrome, 1 Elsewhere (which hadn't been done in 10 years), 6 Marian Or the True Tale of Robin Hood, 5 Clown Bar, 1 Nerve, 1 Hearts Like Fists.

My night of one acts, 7 Ways To Say I Love You had 1 production.

I also had some fancy readings including Such Small Hands at Northlight and a zoom workshop of Hearts Like Planets with Chance Theater.

BPPI published my play The Parking Lot and Sam French/Concord put out a teen version of Marian.  Playscripts is going to publish a couple more-- The Book Store is now able to be read on its site.

I know of 17 or so planned productions for 2022 including the premiere (finally) of Clown Bar 2.  This is a lot considering we're still in the thick of it.  And again, it's mostly schools.  I don't know when more of the small theaters who have been my mainstay will be back and I know some of them won't.

I don't mean to end on a bleak note.  I just want to acknowledge that my momentum on a life in the theater has taken a huge hit and I know some people were hit a lot harder.  The pipeline has never been more clogged up so even sending plays out right now seems more pointless than usual.  And there is a big question about when or if the normal level of theater producing will return.  Especially for small theaters without spaces or small theaters who lost their spaces.

So it takes a lot more hope than normal to keep writing.  And I want to acknowledge that.

Love to you and yours.  Here are my previous years in review.


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