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1000 Playwright Interviews The first interview I posted was on June 3, 2009.  It was Jimmy Comtois.  I decided I would start interview...

Jul 29, 2013

600 Playwright Interviews

Joy Tomasko
Aurin Squire
Catya McMullen
Morgan Gould
Lisa Milinazzo
Sheri Graubert
Meghan Deans
Robert Caisley
Eric Dufault
Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Larissa FastHorse
Migdalia Cruz
Richard Hellesen
Sara Farrington
Hal Corley
Brad McEntire
Ron Klier
Andrea Thome
Kemp Powers
Claudia I. HaasKimber Lee
Lindsey Ferrentino
Jeff Augustin
Ken Ferrigni
Eliza Bent



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